The church has always had a presence in our community and plays a vibrant role in the city’s culture. We hope that our presence strengthens the ministry of the churches around us as we seek to call all people to the gospel.

Faith, as Paul saw it, was a living, flaming thing leading to surrender and obedience to the commandments of Christ.

A.W. Tozar

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All over this nation, all over this world there are people going to church today and they say they are believers, but until you can take what you've been taught and bring it to the place you gave up--you will never be the radical believer that you need to be for the times in which we live.
- Bishop TD Jakes
Meet Our Team

Kathey Hodges

Director of Administration

Kathey Hodges is the Director of Administration, and the head of the Social Services Dept. and The Women of Titus/Daughters of Rachel Ministries. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW-S) and is currently employed as a Social Programs Analyst.

Randi Bibbs

Adminstrative Assistant

Randi has served at Burning Bush Church since March of 2007. She had no previous religious experiences or trainings prior to her encounter at the Burning Bush; nothing can describe the sense of belonging I felt when I walked through those doors, I knew I was home.

Shannon Robinson

Youth and Education

I am Shannon Robinson, Pastor overseeing the Youth and Education Department at the Burning Bush Church. Under my umbrella are Young But Anointed Children’s Ministry and Gr8r Wrx (Student Youth). My life is children and my compassion is seeing them achieve.

Raynell Lawson

Associate Pastor

Pastor Raynell Lawson’s walk with Christ began in 1994 and she began her ministry to preach in 1998 with a desire to edify, encourage and build up the body of Christ. She is married to Pierre Lawson with three children

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Our Mission is to Effectively Affect the World...We are the Church for the Unchurched!

  • Sunday Worship- Currently @ East Community Learning Center
80 Brittain Rd., Akron, Ohio 44305 11:00 am Wednesday Midweek Service @ Archwood Campus
853 E. Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 44306 7:00 pm Main Location (Services Coming soon)
1104 Johnston Street, Akron, Ohio 44305
  • (330) 258-2202