Our Culture

The Essential Elements Of Our Culture

• Values- Our beliefs

• Principles- How we are going to do certain things

• Behavior- What we do consistently

• Atmospheres- The felt presence


Culture shows people (1) Who we are, (2) Where we are going, (3) Who is leading us, and (4) How we are getting there


Our Culture:

• Forward thinking- We think ahead and don’t look back. God is forward moving because He is progressive.

• Manifestation without weirdness- We believe in God’s manifested presence and works that’s perceived by the eye or understanding without fanaticism.

• Punctuality- God moves in set time’s and seasons. We do not want to miss a move because we weren’t punctual.

• Participatory Services- We, the people are prepared for service and participate by agreeing by being vocal or by actions. Participation puts a demand/pull on the anointing (Nehemiah 8:5).

• Acceptance that releases freedom- We accept everyone with love, which allows them to be themselves and encourages transformation by God.

• Embraces order-We embrace the set rules or structure set by leadership.

• Embraces increase with integrity- We will remember the Lord, for it is He who gives us power to increase (Spiritual or natural increase).

• Generationally minded- We invest in the next generation. Our ceiling is their platform.

• Identifiable leadership- Leadership is established and clearly identified within the congregation.

• Ministering members- (We are PRIME: Practical, Revelatory, Inspirational, Motivational, and Educational)

• Generosity- We are blessed to be a blessing to God and Men.

• Deliverance- We operate in the power of God to help other’s become “Set Free”, (holistic).

• Agreement- We aim to be in the same mind & on one accord. “We can touch and agree without seeing eye to eye”- Jentzen Franklin.

• Love-We operate and exude the Love of Christ to all (the majority rules).


This culture will give us an atmosphere of:

• Open heavens and no one will be hindered

• Unified expectancy that yield results such as the Day of Pentecost, miracles and no limits

• Victorious living- we are more than a conquer

• Blessing- everyone can receive something

• Faith- our measure of faith will be increased by what is seen and heard

• Vision- we can gain clear sight of where God is taking us

• Praise and worship- we can go to where He is and receive