Our Culture

The Essential Elements of

Our Culture

Culture shows people (1) Who we are, (2) Where we are going, (3) Who is leading us, and (4) How we are getting there

Values - Our beliefs
Principles - How we are going to do certain things
Behavior - What we do consistently
Atmospheres - The felt presence

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

Our Culture

Forward Thinking

We think ahead and don’t look back. God is forward moving because He is progressive.


God moves in set time’s and seasons. We do not want to miss a move because we weren’t punctual.

Acceptance that releases freedom

We accept everyone with love, which allows them to be themselves and encourages transformation by God.

Embraces increase with integrity

We will remember the Lord, for it is He who gives us power to increase (Spiritual or natural increase).

Identifiable leadership

Leadership is established and clearly identified within the congregation.


We are blessed to be a blessing to God and Men.


We aim to be in the same mind & on one accord. “We can touch and agree without seeing eye to eye”- Jentzen Franklin.

Manifestation without weirdness

We believe in God’s manifested presence and works that’s perceived by the eye or understanding without fanaticism.

Participatory Services

We, the people are prepared for service and participate by agreeing by being vocal or by actions. Participation puts a demand/pull on the anointing (Nehemiah 8:5).

Embraces order

We embrace the set rules or structure set by leadership.

Generationally minded

We invest in the next generation. Our ceiling is their platform.

Ministering members

(We are PRIME: Practical, Revelatory, Inspirational, Motivational, and Educational)


We operate in the power of God to help other’s become “Set Free”, (holistic).


We operate and exude the Love of Christ to all (the majority rules).

This culture will give us an

atmosphere of:

Open heavens

and no one will be hindered

Victorious living

We are more than a conquer


Our measure of faith will be increased by what is seen and heard


We can gain clear sight of where God is taking us

Unified expectancy

that yield results such as the Day of Pentecost, miracles and no limits


Everyone can receive something

Praise and worship

We can go to where He is and receive

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